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What is Managed Wi-Fi?

Managed Wi-Fi offers seamless wireless connectivity across single-location businesses and distributed enterprises in retail, hospitality, co-working, and education. Instead of relying on multiple stand-alone hardware devices to assemble a disintegrated solution, Managed Wi-Fi is built on a Network as a Service (NaaS) model where components are hosted on and managed from the cloud.

The enterprise can focus on their business and the complete network and seamless connectivity is provided by the Service Provider. The Service Provider looks after deployment of complete network and manages the operations of network from a remote managed support hub, delivering connectivity and billing the business on an as a Service basis.

Key advantages of Managed Wi-Fi:

Proactive Network Monitoring

Analyse real-time network performance

High Speed Bandwidth
at a User-Level

End-to-end ownsership with a rationalised vendor ecosystem

Wired LAN

Secure access to LAN


Down by 30%

Why Managed Wi-Fi Makes Sense for Your Business

The modern business comes with a unique set of requirements and challenges that cannot be met using traditional internet packages. Lease lines are expensive and difficult to scale, not to mention low on visibility and security.

These are also unsuited to changing user volumes, meaning you are either paying for unutilized bandwidth or struggling to meet desired capacity when the number of employees/clients rises. Moreover, there are multiple vendors with no clear ownership, causing delays in the resolution of issues.

Fast, Uninterrupted Wireless
Network is a Must Have

Your employees need to access several critical apps on a daily basis:
  • One user connecting multiple devices
  • Bandwidth-heavy cloud products like AWS, G-Suite, MS Azure, Zoho
  • Video calling/conferencing on Skype, Slack, and Microsoft Teams
  • Device updates and back-ups across

All of this requires high-speed connectivity, in addition to a security layer to manage logins, usage patterns, and policy violations. That’s why Spectra has designed a Managed Wi-Fi suite for you on a Network-as-a-Service model. Spectra NaaS includes software-defined Next-Generation Firewall(SD- NGFW), LAN connectivity, and Authentication in addition to the remotely manageable Wi-Fi Services.

Introducing Network as a Service for Your Wi-Fi Requirements

Spectra Managed Wi-Fi is a ready-to-deploy solution for businesses of any scale or size. With end-to-end ownership by the Spectra team and remote management from our data center, pressures on internal IT staff is significantly reduced, significantly improving your bottom-line. The solution offers segregated high-speed bandwidth per user, proprietary algorithms to enable an adaptive antenna, and seamless roaming across the premise.

How Can Businesses Gain
from Network as a Service?

We understand that your on-premise network requirements have changed dramatically in the last few years. Businesses don’t rely on a fixed cost solutions to run operations anymore. Instead, there is a plethora of cloud-based applications and services keeping your businesses agile and constantly growing. G-suite, cloud-based CRM, the latest ERP, Microsoft 365 – you need it all.

What’s more, as your business grows, employees will regularly turn to video calling apps, whether its skype on their desktop or WhatsApp on their smartphones. On top of that, a large number of personal devices in your premises means IT must keep a check on security.

Traditional internet lines, simply aren’t up to this challenge. That’s why we are introducing Network as a Service to reimagine today’s businesses as future-ready enterprises. Spectra’s Managed Wi-Fi (part of NaaS) includes:

  • Deployment and Maintenance of infra
  • Centralized user management on an easily accessible online portal
  • One point of contact to resolve your issues faster
  • Automated switchover to take care of link failures
  • Pay as you grow for easy expansion

Aligning Spectra Network as a Service to Your Wi-Fi Needs

Unlimited data volumes per user

  • Options to choose bandwidth per user
  • Blazing fast speed
  • No caps on usage, empowering clients

Carrier-grade infrastructure

  • Best in class access points with dual-band support
  • Dynamic channel selection to reduce signal interference
  • Adaptive antenna for even more signal gains

Integrated online user management portal

  • Time-bound coupons for visitors
  • A comprehensive platform reducing in-house IT efforts
  • Analytics dashboard to monitor consumption trends

OTP-based authentication

  • Easy addition, modification, and deactivation of user/guest access
  • OTP authentication instead of a common password for everyone
  • Sub-admin role support with limited rights

Seamless Wi-Fi roaming across the premise

  • Streamlined scalability as the workspace expands
  • Wider coverage for large premises and buildings
  • Device-agnostic connectivity

Premium support through Spectra’s MSOC

  • Remote infrastructure monitoring with proactive issue resolution
  • Field support for on-site fixes
  • Escalation matrix for greater clarity
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