Discover fast, uninterrupted connectivity with SD-WAN

As user volumes increase rapidly and workspaces become more complex, businesses require connectivity tools empowering employees and enhancing productivity. Traditionally, WAN relies on rigid MPLS systems that are difficult to scale or configure. Integrating cloud platforms or connecting to remote 3G/broadband networks is also a challenge. Organisations must therefore ramp up networks to support high-bandwidth applications and enable remote access.

Moving from rigid, hardware-dependent WAN to a smarter SD-WAN environment solves key issues, offering the following benefits:

  • Centralised management with fully-integrated visibility and control
  • Easier scaling without restrictive lock-ins to the underlying framework
  • Reduced downtime via automated switching in case of link failure
  • Optimized app performance through application-specific traffic routing
  • Lower costs via streamlined maintenance and issue resolution

At Spectra, we implement high-speed, reliable and fully-compliant SD-WAN solutions, with easy installation at minimal costs. Our offering includes Managed SD-WAN, SD-WAN Secured and SD-WAN Advanced, helping customers transform their networks.

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