Traditional WAN frameworks are limited by hardware dependencies and bandwidth capabilities. However, things are changing rapidly. Employee demands are evolving, companies want flexible delivery models, and SMBs are now more technology-focused than ever before.

With enterprise app usage hitting staggering figures, SD-WAN is the new smarter alternative supporting emerging requirements while optimising your existing infrastructure. SD-WAN decouples network software services from the underlying hardware. This makes traffic routing almost effortless and transport-agnostic, working with all available channels like Internet Leased Lines, Broadband, LTE or even MPLS lines.

Why SD-WAN adoption is essential for startups, SMBs, and future-focused companies:

  • Increased network savings - maximize ROI by avoiding the high cost of MPLS
  • Public cloud support - host bandwidth-heavy business apps on cloud platforms, ensuring reliability and ease of access
  • As-a-Service delivery - reduce up-front investment and ongoing IT spends with 'pay-as-you-go' pricing

Partnering with an experienced SD-WAN provider could help your business simplify implementation, moving to a more intelligent network, at minimal costs with reduced timelines.

Inside Spectra SD-WAN solution

Spectra Managed SD-WAN helps simplify the WAN environment by establishing a unified overlay plane across disparate networks and providing a central hosted solution for WAN management. This enables the IT staff to remotely program edge devices. Changes in network policies or resource allocation can also be managed centrally and deployed across the enterprise in real-time, thereby allowing organizations to respond dynamically to new business challenges.

Spectra SD-WAN Secured offers features of Managed SD-WAN, along with an industry-grade Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW). Unlike traditional firewall, NGFW helps bring application visibility and control and secure network environment from malicious attacks such as viruses, spyware and phishing attacks. The solution helps in securing the customer branches with next generation security capabilities.

Spectra SD-WAN Advanced solution hosts the capabilities of Managed SD-WAN along with Unified Threat Management (UTM). UTM offers advanced, multi-layer security to help manage applications and prevent network from intrusion via an integrated platform. UTM combines a host of security features to prevent advanced cyber-attacks, including next-gen firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), antivirus and URL/content filtering.

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Spectra SD-WAN in Action

At Spectra, tech innovation is supported by a team of domain experts, delivering valuable insights and comprehensive services, accelerating implementation. Here’s a selection of key metrics underlining Spectra’s differentiated value proposition:

Simplify Your Network

Spectra SD-WAN enables businesses to deploy flexible and reliable modern applications and secured hybrid enterprise WAN, while reducing the operational complexities of an archaic WAN architecture.

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