Bengaluru scores Gig with Spectra

After receiving an overwhelming response in Delhi NCR, ‘Spectra Fastest’, our flagship 1 Gbps package is now live in Bengaluru for business and home broadband customers. The unlimited packages with 1 Gbps speed start at just ₹ 1,249 per month.

1 Gbps means multiple connected devices streaming 4K content simultaneously, never having to buffer, seamless online gaming and everything you need to #MakeLifeBetter

For your business, it means multiple connected employees, machines and locations, faster upload to cloud, faster financial transactions and enough bandwidth to support all critical applications.

We are the country’s largest 1 Gbps network.

Join us to get the Gig advantage for your home and business.

What ‘Make Time’ with fastest internet connection means

Choose from one of the several tasks to see how Spectra speed lets you make time for things that matter, as compared* to your current broadband.


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