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3 Advantages of Internet Leased Lines Over Broadband

February 23, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading

E-commerce is not the only business domain that runs entirely on a strong internet connection. All the industries, from retail to hospitality and education to finance, are adopting the latest technologies to digitally transform their businesses and gain a competitive edge. The onset of pandemic demands the businesses to grow exponentially in the digital arena if they want to meet the on-demand needs of their customers. Here’s a look at how the pandemic has pushed businesses over the technology tipping point:

3 Advantages of Internet Leased Lines Over Broadband

In addition to this, to run your operations in a seamless manner, you require instant access to your critical business data and quick response time from your network systems. If you fail to deliver your services rapidly and efficiently, your customers won’t refrain from trying another outlet or website to shop. For smooth digital operations, you need a robust networking solution. But you might find yourself at crossroads when looking for a suitable solution to fulfil your business’s networking needs. While broadband is the most famous and highly adopted internet service option, it isn’t often the best choice for your business. Let’s dive into the narrative of leased lines vs broadband, and how the benefits of leased lines fill the gaps left by a broadband connection.

What makes broadband a good fit, and for what purposes?

Businesses consider broadband to be the go-to networking solution because they think that it provides high-speed connectivity and does not require too much hardware deployment. But this is just a bird’s-eye view and doesn’t really tell you if broadband is the optimal solution for your business requirements. Let’s tap into the scenarios where broadband can facilitate your networking operations; a broadband connection might work for you if:

  • You don’t have a large business and hundreds of employees

  • Your business has  mobile usage only

  • Fluctuating bandwidth wouldn’t disturb your business operations

  • Your business doesn’t require dedicated bandwidth for enterprise-grade applications

What a broadband connection can’t achieve for your business?

  • Cybersecurity posture

If you’re working in a privately-owned space, a business park, or a co-working space, your internet connection is usually a shared one. This means that you share your network bandwidth with other users in or around your workspace. This way, you are not only competing for a high bandwidth connection, but you are also putting your critical business data at risk. Since the channels to the public network are shared with other businesses, your security posture weakens, and the attack surface increases. In conclusion, a broadband connection is easy to penetrate for cybercriminals. However, the benefits of leased lines can turn this around for you; we’ll tap into that later.

  • Managing heavy network load

Have you ever had your internet service provider set up your broadband connection at home? You must have seen how they deploy a 40 Mbps connection, but if you perform an online speed test, the speed might fluctuate anywhere between 0-40 Mbps. Why so? Because broadband connections provide you with the best bandwidth possible instead of the promised/fixed bandwidth. Now, moving on to how broadband works for businesses. If you are a start-up or a very small team, you have use of high-load platforms and applications, and neither do you need to manage increasing users or employees on your network - then broadband might work out well for you. But if you are a growing business, then you should consider other solutions, such as leased lines. 

  • Ease of scalability

As an ambitious business, you would definitely want to scale up whenever you get the opportunity. If you are looking to open new offices and onboard new systems, employees, and users, you would need a connection that can scale its bandwidth as per your requirements. Broadband connections might not be a good fit in that case; a whole new set-up with new access points would be required for expanding your network to various locations. 

Security, stable connectivity, scalability, and reliability are the must-have features of any good internet connection. Being a dedicated internet connection, here’s how the benefits of leased lines can bridge these gaps for you.

3 ways leased line connection can overcome broadband networking gaps

  • Dedicated internet bandwidth

Compared to broadband, leased lines connection is highly focused on your business as it offers a dedicated internet bandwidth just for your network. Additionally, you get symmetrical speeds for fast upload and download, enabling high-speed connectivity across your business platforms. This streamlines your operations and helps you build an empowered brand image for your website users and clients. If your provider has promised you a dedicated bandwidth of 200 Mbps, then you will get just that speed. Fixed bandwidth and very low latency and jitter make leased lines a reliable network solution for your business.

  • Multi-location and bandwidth-based scalability 

Among many other benefits of leased lines, it gives you a wider choice of bandwidth selection. You do not have to choose between the two dual broadband bandwidth options; rather, you can take your everyday internet bandwidth requirements into account and discuss with your leased lines provider to select the best bandwidth range. With leased lines, you also get an option to increase and decrease network bandwidth as per your business requirements. Pay-as-you-grow bandwidth model and easy fiber scalability across multiple locations make dedicated leased lines a scalable solution for your growing business.

  • Data security and cybercrime prevention

As we have emphasized enough, the key benefit of leased lines is that it offers unshared, uncontended network connection. This private connection safeguards your business network from the public network and develops a strong security shield for cybercrime prevention. Leased lines are highly compatible with VPNs and protect your sensitive information as your data is limited to internal networks. Unlike broadband connections, nobody outside your business can access your data, protecting your network from threats and data breaches. 

Additionally, leased lines support your business ventures and digital transformation with their high performance with cloud, VoIP, big data, and IoT. You can actualize digital transformation for your business only if you have a robust networking infrastructure as your foundational pillar. We, at Spectra, deploy dedicated, secure, and reliable leased lines solution for your growing business needs. 

Our bespoke leased lines solution, Managed Business Internet(MBIA), guarantees industry leading SLAs and proactive motinoring. This pay-as-you-grow model provides you with the freedom of scaling your bandwidth needs as per your network traffic. Our networking specialists constantly monitor and manage your network for round-the-clock query resolution and instant threat detection. Leverage leased lines for faster, secure, and more streamlined business operations. To find out how leased lines can benefit your business, reach out to us today!

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