Managed Router

Always up, Always secure

A robust internet leased line solution, powered by resilient back-up connectivity and high availability, ensures your business is always up and running

Superior connectivity, delivered

Superior connectivity, delivered

Discover dedicated bandwidth, zero downtime and reduced costs through end-to-end Managed Internet services


Managed Internet Services



Bespoke Deployment Model

Detailed per-deployment study and extensive site survey to access the site’s unique needs.



Eliminate extraneous costs due to multiple vendors & streamline your network management with our centralized solutions


Complete Monitoring

Get end-to-end monitoring, outage notification, circuit trouble isolation from a single point of contact.


Network Operation Support

Have eyes around-the-clock on the performance & connectivity of your network for instantaneous support


Improved Operational Efficiency

Experience smooth connectivity & flow of work, unbroken by sudden downtime, substandard services or insufficient bandwidth


Increased Agility

Easily scale your internet services as the requirement increases while only paying for the bandwidth you actually need

Network Reimagined

Downtime, unreliable connectivity, incongruent bandwidth are just some of the broadband issues that interrupt the daily workflow of businesses & do not let performance & productivity scale.
With Managed Internet, your business critical applications, supported by high uptime & redundant networks, are always available to your employees & customers. Committed SLAs are adhered to through 247 NOC monitoring and field support. All that you need for digital excellence is readily available with managed internet services.


Spectra hotels

Dual-operator redundancy

Built-in back-up connectivity with auto switch over

Zero Downtime

Higher Availability Connection with SLA driven end-user throughput

Built-in security

Enterprise CPE with SD-WAN capability and regulatory compliant

Constant IP

Constant IP configurations in LAN & Server network

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