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Internet Leased Line Plans Chennai
Wondering which internet leased line service providers in Chennai will best serve your business connectivity needs? Look no further. Spectra’s range of Internet leased line plans in Chennai starts from dedicated speeds of 10 Mbps upto 200 Mbps with unlimited data volume. Depending on the scale and bandwidth needs of your business, you can choose monthly plans with speeds of 10 Mbps, 15 Mbps, 20 Mbps, 30 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and 200 Mbps. The prices for internet leased line plans start at ₹10,417 only.

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Blazing-fast, symmetrical speeds

Blazing-fast, symmetrical speeds

Enhance your performance with equal upload and download speeds for faster data transfer and high-speed dedicated internet with no data capping.

Blazing-fast, symmetrical speeds

24/7 jitter-free connectivity

Omnichannel support with uninterrupted connectivity to ensure maximum consistency, reliability, and uptime

Dedicated bandwidth

Dedicated bandwidth

No more sharing of bandwidth and speed drops - access your own dedicated bandwidth with no contention

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Benefits of Internet leased line connection in Chennai

There are many internet leased line service providers in in Chennai, but finding the right one for your business shouldn’t be difficult. Here’s why Spectra’s internet leased line service

Low latency

Low latency

Minimal lag when accessing cloud-based applications or sending/receiving data

Enhanced security and reliability

Enhanced security and reliability

Dedicated bandwidth means greater control over internet access and speeds



Upgrade your internet leased line plan to keep up with your business’ evolving connectivity needs

Dedicated support

Dedicated support

A dedicated internet lease line means 24/7 support from your internet service provider with dedicated SLAs

Why Spectra Internet Leased Line?


Spectra’s dedicated internet leased lines are specifically designed to meet the internet needs of evolving businesses. With unmatched reliability, scalability, and security, Spectra’s leased line ensures optimal agility and productivity for your business. Uninterrupted connectivity is a core need for modern businesses, and Spectra delivers it with our superior leased line plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

A leased line network is a point-to-point network solution that provides dedicated and uninterrupted internet access for your business. These networks improve business growth and productivity by offering high-performance, agile, and secure connectivity that you can rely on. They also allow your business to successfully adopt innovative technologies and run bandwidth-heavy applications, helping you stay ahead of your competitors. Additionally, our leased line solutions can be personalized to your organization’s unique needs.

A dedicated business leased line is easy to deploy and our network experts can help you create a business internet solution that’s tailor-made to your organization. Our deployment model includes a detailed study and extensive site survey to understand your business’s unique network needs.

Our business internet plans are crafted keeping your business’s requirements in mind and can be customized to suit your needs. You can learn more about our plans here to find the best fit for your business.

Spectra’s Business Internet Access plans come without a data cap which means you can experience unlimited internet access delivered to you at blazing-fast speeds!

Spectra’s Business Internet Access is exclusively designed to support the unique needs of a growing, modern business. The superior efficiency, reliability, and scalability of our leased line solution enhance business agility while also improving productivity by ensuring uninterrupted and hassle-free connectivity.

Broadband internet is a shared internet that is typically used by multiple users at the same time. This not only affects internet security, but it also affects the speed and reliability of the internet (due to the bandwidth getting divided among users) which often results in fluctuations during peak use hours.
A dedicated leased line is exclusive to a business and offers greater reliability, security, and faster speeds.

Spectra’s Business Internet Access provides 5 Static IPs so your business can access a stable network at all times as well as access remote devices easily.

Internet leased lines in Chennai offer consistent speeds at all times, which is of critical importance for any business. Further, an internet leased line in Chennai ensures a dedicated connection is not shared with any other parties. The security, low latency, high speeds, and uninterrupted connectivity makes a leased line well worth the investment.

Absolutely. Spectra’s internet leased line in Chennai covers a wide range of speeds based on your needs, all with symmetrical download and upload speeds. This means that there is no bottleneck when multiple parties are trying to access the internet at the same time.

Spectra’s dedicated internet plans come with no data capping, which means your employees can enjoy unlimited data access at blazing speeds.

While a leased line internet connection is more expensive than business broadband in the beginning, it is a worthy investment in the long run. This is especially true when you consider the increased productivity and hassle-free connectivity that power your business processes.

A static IP address is a unique number assigned to your connection that doesn't change. A business will often want a static IP so their website or email server can be reached at the same location every time. Spectra offers 5 Static IPs dedicated to your business for reliable omnichannel connectivity at all times.

Spectra offers a variety of internet leased line plans that are customized to meet your specific business needs. Our internet leased lines in Chennai are easily scalable and ensure the highest dedicated speeds for your enterprise network. The plans are tailored for different connectivity needs with speeds ranging from 10 Mbps, 15 Mbps, 20 Mbps, 30 Mbps, 50 Mbps, 100 Mbps, and up to 200 Mbps.

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