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Business Broadband Connection in Bangalore

Experience the power of seamless, affordable business broadband and get more with the best internet connection in Bangalore.

Our X factors

Unbeatable tariffs

Unbeatable tariffs

At Spectra, our goal is to rebuild how business broadband services in India look. Thus, our tariff speaks our fine commitment towards our customers and clients alike.

Surprisingly short lead time

Surprisingly short lead time

It’s simple!! If you already have Spectra in your office, we can fix things and get you going in a jiffy. In a typical scenario, it takes anywhere between 24-48 hours to get the connection going.

Embracing speed with symmetry

Embracing speed with symmetry

When looking for the best office broadband in Bangalore, symmetrical uploading and downloading speed are of utmost importance to ensure optimum connectivity when uploading or downloading multiple files.

Broadband Internet Plans in Bangalore

Looking for the best business broadband in Bangalore? Look no further!

With Spectra, we have got you covered with a full-fledged Fiber Cable Network that promises symmetric speed no less than 1 GBPS. In other words, you have unlimited data at your disposal at an unimaginable tariff.


Best Broadband Plans in your City

Features & Benefits of Broadband Connection in


Key features like blazing fast speed, personalized service, and a highly resilient network have Spectra topping the list as the best office broadband in Bangalore.

Spectra Enabled Top Localities in Bangalore

As one of the best Office broadband in Bangalore, Spectra has widespread coverage across key areas that include:

Why Should You Choose Spectra Broadband Plans in Bangalore?

As businesses evolve, connectivity demands can be the most pressing issue ever. With Spectra by your side, you will have nothing to worry about!


● Market leading SLAs- As the best office broadband in Bangalore, Spectra is high on commitment no matter what the odds are. Our SLAs have been designed to address customer issues with top priority so that you never lose your sleep over speed or connectivity issues.
● The bliss of a resilient network- Spectra as a leading provider of business broadband in Bangalore is independent of any other company. That means quick connectivity and high resilience.
● Low latency- Our ultra-low latency feature promises almost zero lag or delay so that you always stay connected for your business needs.

How to Apply for Spectra Broadband Connection in Bangalore?

Looking to switch to Spectra or apply for a new connection? In just 3 steps, we will get you going!

Step 1: Choose your plan.
Step 2: Fill in a few details and get a call back from us.
Step 3: Voila! You are connected!

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, truth be told, there's way more than that!
You see, when running a business, you will need to work with a broadband package tailored to meet the daily requirements in your line of work. And that can be different from a home broadband that you may use casually, video calls, or for downloading files.
We understand and acknowledge the temptation for any small business owner opting for home broadband to save expenses. However, on the flip side, saying no to a business broadband service means turning your back towards an improved network. For small businesses and entrepreneurs working from home, there might be the temptation to save money by opting for a regular home broadband deal rather than for improved customer security.
Extranet readily forms a part of all business broadband packages. It is a privately controlled network with the sole target of secured collaboration across an organization including employees, supplies, customers and third parties alike. No matter who you are or what you do, you will find extranet useful.

Choosing the best business broadband in Bangalore can be a tad bit tricky. Especially, when there are multiple players in the market, each claiming their product to be the best.

However, before you purchase a plan for your business needs, you need to zero down on a few things:

1. Make sure the company has a plan that meets your specific needs, in terms of data allowance and speed.

2. Check the company background to ensure they have the right kind of experience to provide services to your business.

3. Ensure that they have a 24/7 customer team for effective support.

When looking for the best internet connection in Bangalore, you need to think beyond retail broadband. Take Spectra’s business broadband connection for instance. Incredibly fast, wider reach, near-zero lag or downtime, unmatched tariff, and dedicated customer support round the clock. It doesn't get any better than that.
For office broadband, Spectra's business solutions stand out as the best choice, offering benefits like lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), comprehensive security features including unparalleled UTM / firewall security, 24/7 network support for consistent connectivity, and enhanced network control through a centralised management portal for tailored access based on roles or departments.
Spectra stands out as Bangalore's best broadband provider, providing unrivalled service with market-leading SLAs, a dependable independent network, and ultra-low latency for smooth corporate operations. Their extensive internet services extend to important locations such as Jayanagar, MG Road, Electronic City, and others, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage and exceptional connection across the city.
Broadband is a fast internet network offered over various mediums such as cable or DSL, whereas fibre or fibre optic broadband uses cutting-edge plastic or glass fibres to carry data at significantly higher rates, resulting in improved performance and bandwidth.
Spectra stands as the best broadband provider in Bangalore, offering market-leading SLAs that prioritise customer issues for uninterrupted speed and connectivity. With its resilient, independent network, Spectra ensures swift, reliable connections and ultra-low latency, guaranteeing minimal lag for seamless business operations.
Yes, business broadband connection provides faster speeds and reliable networks than standard residential broadband, catering to the higher operational needs and demands of businesses.

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