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Maximise your investment with a phone system that streamlines your communication and reduce call costs without cutting down on existing phone lines with a SIP trunking service.

SIP Trunk Services for Business and Entreprises

Spectra’s SIP Services

Spectra offers SIP with DID numbers for outbound calling to any domestic mobile or landline in major metro cities for inbound & outbound calling. There are 4 ways you can deploy SIP PRI solution.



Ease of Installation

Ease of Installation, Configuration, Maintenance

SIP is easy to set up and configure to use for everyday business domestic calling, as long as you have a working internet connection, you can enjoy making calls over the internet.

Network Flexibility

Network Flexibility

The underlying network need not be a part of a specific technology layout. Your existing ethernet, SONET, ATM, or even your WiFi can be used as the foundation for your network.

Minute Based Billing

Minute Based Billing

In Outbound calling 6/6 seconds billing means that calls are charged at 6 second intervals, rather than the traditional 1 minute rate. If billing is 6/6 rate, that means your minimum billing for any answered call is 6 seconds and your subsequent billing time is 6 seconds.

Better Audio

Better Audio/Crystal Clear Sound

All International VoIP calls are crisp & clear with stable internet connection & good bandwidth. We provide tier 1 quality voice termination with high completion call time.

How It Works?

Step 1

Customer shares requirement with spectra

Customer shares relevant information regarding International voice process like calling country, monthly calling minutes, agents for calling, bandwidth details etc.
Step 2

Spectra understands the customer's requirements

Spectra analyses, understands and ensures the requirements for the business growth and suggests solution & shares commercial price.
Step 3

Testing by customer & Production VoIP account can be created

Testing is conducted by the business users on a particular environment and upon successful testing SIP account gets created.
Step 4

Customer service live

Customers can enjoy domestic business calling at lowest rates.


High-quality voice

High-quality voice

Clear and reliable communications on all platforms.

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment

Deploy the phone systems over dedicated circuits starting with as low as 5 channels.

Maximum availability

Maximum availability

Intelligent trunk routing protocols and resilient network infrastructure assure maximum uptime.


Plan Name

Monthly Rental (₹)

Free Call Value



Pulse in Sec

Local Calls/Minute (₹)

STD Calls/Minute (₹)


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