spectra managed wifi

Simple, functional, essential

A reliable network access for back-office as well as customer use while delivering a platform for building an intelligent multichannel customer experience.

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Spectra managed wifi

Improve Productivity

As the network slows down, so does business. Managed wifi is more than just speed, it handles multiple users and devices, dramatically improving performance for everyone.

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Scalability. Made Seamless

Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Scalability. Made Seamless.

Centrally managed, scalable and secure platform to provide seamless and high-speed Wi-Fi experience to users. 

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Managed Wi-Fi Solutions



Bespoke Deployment Model

Detailed per-deployment study and extensive site survey to access the networks' unique needs.

Network Operation Support

Network Operation Support

Proactively monitored and managed 247 by our Network Operations Center


Lower TCO

Saves the operating expense & complexity of deploying and managing network.


Improved Operational Efficiency

Efficiently manage, troubleshoot, and complete projects with the benefits of centralized WiFi management


Integrated security features

Multi-layered security approach includes policy, content filtering, and compliance to harden your network infrastructure.


Increased Agility

Easily scale speed & bandwidth as your throughput needs, head count or number of locations changes

Wifi Reimagined

With Wi-Fi becoming a utility very much like electricity and water, enterprises need to make sure that the WLAN they provide meets the reliability and performance expectations of users, and that wireless connectivity costs are well managed. Spectra's Managed WIFI services reduce capital expenditure on hardware, reduce workforce overheads, and ensure that the network operates at peak productivity and is secure.
Wifi Reimagined



Built-in visitor management

A comprehensive visitor management platform that records and monitors guests' and employees' information

Enterprise-grade access points

Enhance your customer experience with strategically placed enterprise-grade access points.

Integration with existing PMS

Seamlessly integrate your property management to create a central control system for the entirety of your site's operations.

Centralized reporting

Access all the relevant information about your WiFi’s performance at one place

Grow your business with our customized plans curated for your needs

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