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Get the facts right about Dedicated Internet Services

September 30, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading

In the age of hyperconnectivity, speed is the king-maker. With 94% of all enterprises using cloud services, and industry 4.0 creeping into every known industry with incomprehensible rates, speed coupled with security is key, when it comes to internet connectivity.


The solution? Dedicated Internet Services.

Dedicated Internet Services equip businesses with high-speed and reliable internet access at scale. The solution consistently delivers high performance and aids improved business outcomes towards cloud adoption and safer intra- and inter-organization data transfer. 

What are dedicated internet services?

An optimal internet connection for a business is one that aligns with its demand. Apart from the finer details applicable to your business specifically, while evaluating your current workplace internet connection, speed and bandwidth are two of the most important factors to consider. Moreover, to ensure smooth video conferencing, usage of cloud-based applications, data transferring, and other essential functions, a secure network and flawless bandwidth are essential. 

 Now, should the bandwidth dip (which most likely occurs during peak hours), the performance of all web-based and cloud-based applications will reduce drastically. Fortunately, dedicated internet access is a private network connection that ensures high-speed connectivity along with guaranteed bandwidth and zero packet loss.  

Shared Vs Dedicated Internet

To consider revamping the internet solution for your enterprise, there should be a drastic improvement in your current solution. To understand if dedicated internet is worth disrupting your existing solution, it’ll be prudent to compare your legacy solution, or shared internet and dedicated internet.

  • Speed

Shared internet is much slower in comparison to a dedicated connection. Although this reduced speed will not be as obvious when performing tasks like audio streaming and VoIP, it’ll be highly evident when operating cloud-heavy programs. 

  • Scalability

Dedicated services offer businesses the flexibility to utilize only the required amount of bandwidth, and the freedom to not pay for the bandwidth they don’t need. This will allow easy scalability without worrying about the cost implications.

  • Reliability

Reliability is a big concern when considering your internet connection. Dedicated internet services offer double-pronged reliability. The first is dedicated reliable connectivity with minimal latency. The second is the reliable quality of the internet, which does away with the need to access the guaranteed 24*7 dedicated service.  

  • Cost-effectiveness

There is no doubt that shared internet is prima facie cheaper. But considering the high latency and the resultant need for higher bandwidth and better speed, businesses end up paying for a lot of unused bandwidth. Dedicated internet offers a corresponding web experience, which ends up being more cost effective.

  • Continuity

Peak hours play a significant role in hampering productivity in the case of shared internet. Web congestion is a major drawback when it comes to shared internet, and dedicated bandwidth tackles this to offer businesses network continuity at optimal speeds.

  • Security

Shared internet services offer minimal security due to shared connections with other users. Security is vital for businesses handling confidential data and financial transactions. Dedicated internet reduces the threat of hacking with a dedicated connection.      

How do Dedicated Internet Services benefit businesses? 

Private network solutions or lease lines offer a wide variety of advantages for businesses to experience.

Improved performance

Applications like Salesforce, Dropbox, Cisco, and Webex are some of the common cloud-based applications widely used by organizations of every size. In addition to these, businesses are also rapidly migrating to cloud storage solutions. Owing to this, a low bandwidth internet connection can effectively hamper productivity since cloud-based operations will be negatively impacted. It then becomes crucial to switch to dedicated internet connectivity, which will guarantee a more consistent cloud-based application performance. 

High-speed connectivity 

Shared internet connections often have throughput issues, thereby providing lower upload speeds than download rates without any assurance. Furthermore, businesses are always subjected to fluctuations in speed depending on the time of the day. 

In contrast, dedicated internet access provides synchronous upload and download speeds. Think of it as having the highway all to yourself - a private network, devoid of traffic, that assures consistency and dependability.  


Every business realizes the importance of securing its data. It goes without saying that all data is at risk when using a shared network, irrespective of the size of the business. This is because public networks expose the organization's vulnerabilities. A shared network can access entry into your network.

Dedicated internet access successfully tackles this by using a private network connection that shields the company from potential risks. 


Dedicated internet services are entirely personalized network solutions that provide bandwidth in accordance with your requirements. You not only start with precisely the capacity you want, but you can also simply ramp up and down as needed. This feature gives businesses the flexibility needed when growing, and pays for only the bandwidth that they use.

Drive ROI 

Dedicated internet services boost business outcomes. This is not an unfounded claim, considering low downtime, high speeds, improved security, and high-performance connectivity offered by leased lines that contribute to improved employee productivity. 

 It then becomes imperative to note that consistency, backed by strong SLAs, delivers reliable ROI and much-needed peace of mind that only dedicated internet services offer. 

Improved QoS

Dedicated internet services are the ideal solution for businesses that need high-performance connectivity. Dedicated connections deliver superior quality-of-service (QoS) options by giving you the freedom to prioritize network traffic towards ensuring the performance of critical applications.  

Security against DDoS attacks 

Distributed Network Attacks, also known as Distributed Denial of Services are network breaches that flood the system with traffic from infected devices. The ultimate objective of such a breach is the denial of services to users that need it most, i.e - employers, customers, vendors, etc. DDoS protection services are add-on security features offered by dedicated internet services which help mitigate attacks big and small, in a quick and effective manner 

Spectra’s Dedicated Internet Services

Spectra delivers a connectivity solution your business can rely on. With its dedicated internet services or leased line solutions, Spectra gives your business a bespoke network solution with SLA-backed 24*7 dedicated monitoring and management services. Its robust account management helps you control your network and bandwidth requirements with a single dashboard view to manage your operations from a single console.

Enjoy improved web experiences to navigate your way into optimally utilizing cloud-based applications and industry 4.0 solutions to scale your business to unprecedented levels.

To know more about how Spectra can help solve your connectivity challenges, reach out to us today.


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