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What and How Managed WiFi Solution work for Business

January 06, 2023

Managed WiFi solutions are used not only by office workers but also by customers in the hospitality and real estate industries. The services included under managed WiFi solutions are procuring, designing, installation, maintenance and lastly upgrading a network.

What and How Managed WiFi Solution work for Business

After all, managing your own wireless Internet connection is a dedicated, full-time job. Now you have access to a more innovative, more cost-effective way to meet the wireless Internet needs of your employees and customers.

What is Managed Wi-Fi?

Never heard of managed WiFi? You're certainly not alone. In hotels, guests may not notice the difference. Managed WiFi provides an Internet connection that works like any other Internet connection from the user's perspective. The difference is that managed WiFi is a cloud-based network which is controlled by a third party, accessible through multiple access points and capable of handling a large number of devices simultaneously. Usually, the third party takes care of maintenance, troubleshooting if required, security, & normal upkeep of the WiFi service, taking which burden off the shoulders of the onsite IT team.

There is an alternative to managed WiFi, which is unmanaged WiFi, similar to a WiFi connection at your home. Unmanaged WiFi requires onsite setup and management of the connection, & WiFi is accessible via a single access point, for instance, a modem or router, or, say, a couple of access points in a larger building. The shortcoming of unmanaged WiFi connection is that it is typically suitable for very limited number of devices, when it comes to transferring the data to hundreds or thousands of employees or even guests in hotels to use the Internet simultaneously, it is not that effective. This is why managed WiFi solutions are preferred. Amongst all the service providers of the managed WiFi solutions market, Spectra is one of the most trusted ones that can meet your requirements.


How Managed WiFi solutions work?

Step 1: After you have thoroughly analysed your business WiFi needs and decided to purchase a Managed WiFi service, you need to research and select the ideal Managed WiFi provider that fits your unique needs.

Step 2: Next, your provider will do thorough research and recommend a WiFi plan customised for your location.

Step 3: After the onsite visit, the provider will install and test the system to ensure that the optimum level of performance is achieved.

Step 4: Finally, the provider does the installation and configuration too, and bingo, the network is up and running in no time.

Step 5: Unlike traditional WiFi providers, managed WiFi solutions providers always stay proactive, so that they can assist at anytime when it is required. They continue to provide technical support, upgrades, day-to-day management, and network security.


Why Enterprises Should Consider Managed WiFi Services

The use of smart mobile devices (there are now over 2 billion smartphones worldwide) has grown significantly, and the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture has risen. As a result, the demand for connectivity increased accordingly. WiFi networks must provide secure, fast connections to an ever-growing variety of devices.

In addition to this, the use of the Internet by social media and other web-based applications has increased significantly. Your employees need more than access to their email, and they expect high-speed connectivity to be always present on any device.

Gone are the days of deploying several wireless hotspots in your office. WLANs today must manage thousands of users on various devices and provide enterprise-class Internet connectivity to different business locations. The scale of WiFi management is large enough to tie up valuable internal IT staff on a daily basis. Outsourcing to a managed WiFi service provider reduces day-to-day WiFi operations and frees up core IT teams to focus on other business-critical tasks.

Connectivity is critical to running a competitive business, whether you are a small office or a large multi-site enterprise. A well-managed wireless ecosystem empowers employees to flex their work environment away from their desktops. This creates and promotes a more productive work culture.

It's been a long time since Spectra has successfully built and managed complex network ecosystems around the world. From deploying the world's largest MPLS networks to leveraging cloud platforms to improve connectivity, Spectra has deep domain knowledge across the network landscape. This experience gives us a deep understanding of what companies expect from their networks and how they use them.


Advantages of Managed WiFi solutions

At first glance, managed WiFi doesn't look that different from unmanaged WiFi. But if you dive into the details, there are some key differences that make managed WiFi a better solution for many types of hotels. What is a hotel's most significant benefit of moving to managed WiFi solutions?

Economical- managed WiFi solutions are generally cheaper when you consider the factor time IT teams spend maintaining WiFi connectivity. It is better to spend on a better deal, be it managed WiFi solutions or cloud managed WiFi solutions. Managing and troubleshooting WiFi connections may not be an area of ​​expertise or interest for your IT team, so it may take longer to resolve your issue than a cybersecurity expert working for a managed WiFi provider. Leverage their expertise at way less than the cost of hiring full-time employees.

Reliability: Nothing ruins a guest's stay (or a front desk clerk's shift) like an internet outage. With managed WiFi, the managed wifi provider is responsible for keeping the service running. Also, the WiFi company should have its 24/7 support staff on hand to help troubleshoot any issues.

Security: Like reliability, security is a significant concern for managed WiFi enterprises. These companies or businesses invest in the latest technology to keep your connection secure. Without managed WiFi, you would have to continually upgrade your service (such as replacing your router) as more secure options became available.

Easily Expandable: Looking to upgrade your connection? Or build an annex with more rooms? Managed WiFi can grow with your business. Just ask your provider to add new access points everywhere. Even if a room has worse connectivity than others, the provider can add an access point specifically for that room to boost the connection.

Extensions: Managed WiFi providers often offer a few extra options instead of providing one-speed internet connectivity for everyone. For example, you can submit a standard speed connection for free and charge a daily fee for a higher speed connection. Or you can offer your loyal members faster connections.

Reporting and Monitoring: Managed WiFi providers in India collect usage & performance data so you can see how your managed WiFi is being used, how often it goes down, and more.

When you choose the right managed WiFisolutions provider, be it your guests or employees, they will always be happy to stay or work for you respectively. Having safe, reliable, and fast WiFi all the time saves a lot of your time.

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