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4 Ways Advanced Video Analytics Can Streamline Pandemic Management

January 13, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading

Despite the vaccine rollouts and achieving herd immunity, the pandemic has been repetitively finding its way back into our lives. People of all ages and businesses of all forms have been facing discomfort, losses, and the dire need to have a streamlined pandemic management system.

4 Ways Advanced Video Analytics Can Streamline Pandemic Management

Deploying security personnel at all locations on-premises and in open areas not only increases the hiring expenditures but also puts their health at risk and increases the probability of spreading the disease. The need is to implement a solution that automatically detects any instances of non-compliance without adding to the costs and putting customers’ and staff’s health at risk. This is where video analytics for pandemic management comes in to save the day.

AI-enabled video analytics solution: features and functionality

Automated video analytics solution captures the video data points to analyze and detect anomalies and instances of non-compliance. Video analytics for pandemic management enables contactless adherence to COVID norms in real-time. It is deployed on your existing CCTV infrastructure, making it a highly cost-effective and easy to deploy solution. 

  • Quick person searching for contact tracing

What to do if someone is infected in your office or institution or store? You know who has the virus, what now? What is the next step to ensure that the transmission chain stops at the earliest and minimum people are infected? One proven approach to implement this using video analytics for pandemic management is contact tracing. By leveraging the on-premise CCTV data and your AI-powered video analytics solution, you can quickly trace people who have been in contact with an infected person. Video analytics can help you derive who has been in contact with the infected person and who came in further contact with them.

  • Mask and temperature detection

It is critical for health safety and government-mandated for businesses that everyone wears masks, and the owners check the temperature of people entering their premises. Moreover, violating COVID compliance costs businesses a great deal of money in fines. Furthermore, manual checking of masks at all instances is not feasible and cost-effective and increases the likelihood of getting infected. Video analytics for pandemic management recognizes masks and high temperatures from far away, and non-intrusively raises alerts in case of non-compliance. It eliminates the need to have safety personnel deployed at every location and helps save costs while successfully following pandemic norms.

  • Monitoring of hotspots

In busy schools and business workspaces, it is inevitable for students and employees to form discussion groups. You must be struggling to keep an all-time tab on people on-premises for hotspot and crowd control. Video analytics solution extracts video data points where the density or headcount of people increases. Based on the analysis of population density, it draws heat maps of on-premises locations to see if any area is populated more than the specified number. If so, it raises alerts for concerned safety teams to disperse the crowd and ensure safety.

  • Social distancing analysis

Social distancing has become the new normal, and it is the toughest to regulate in workspaces that need employee collaboration. Working from home helped for as long as the companies were allowing it. But now, as you’re hitting offices again, you need to implement stringent measures for social distancing. Video surveillance, when infused with AI, provides you with a video analytics solution for pandemic management. It derives critical data points marking the distance among individuals on your premises. When two people are closer than the mandated distance, it raises the alarm to take corrective action. 

How video analytics helps with pandemic management across various industries

  • Education

Video analytics for pandemic management in educational institutions enables mask and temperature detection in classrooms, open areas on-premises, and entry gates for students’ and staff’s health safety. It also streamlines institutional operations such as attendance management by leveraging non-intrusive face recognition.

  • Retail

Around 8 crore retailers in India suffered a cumulative business loss of Rs 6.25 lakh crore in April 2021 due to covid restrictions. Such massive loss is tough to sustain and needs rigorous pandemic management for you to reopen, mandate COVID guidelines, and ensure the safety of customers and employees. Video analytics for pandemic management helps maintain the brand image with in-store covid compliance via mask and temperature detection and heat maps for crowd control. Customer sentiment detection and demographic analysis help you understand your buyers better and product placement, thereby accelerating your ROI.

  • Hospitality 

The hospitality industry lost Rs 1.3 trillion revenue in FY21 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To bounce back from this downfall, you need to be proactive with your pandemic management plan. Video analytics gives you an AI-driven, automated solution to safeguard customers and staff with automatic sanitization, social distancing, and more; this is how:

  1. The alarm-based pandemic-management triggers alerts in the absence of mandatory COVID essentials, such as masks for staff and kits and gloves for chefs. 
  2. Queue management with video analytics enables you to reduce time in queue, service customers efficiently, and improve staff efficiency. 

The automated pandemic management system helps with cost reduction of deploying monitoring teams at different intervals.

  • Public places

Parks, open supermarkets, roads, and other public places or privately owned open spaces face the biggest fear of the maximum spread of the virus. So, what’s the way to control the crowd and mandate COVID norms at all times? With a video analytics solution, you can use the CCTV surveillance video frames to detect instances of non-compliance; it provides you with these alert-based solutions:

  1. Mask and temperature detection
  2. Social distancing and hotspot detection
  3. Contact tracing and crowd control
  • Corporate settings

Corporate employees are finally returning to their offices and the pandemic poses several challenges. Workplaces are taking a step up to replace biometric systems with face recognition for in-office availability management. By infusing your CCTV systems with video analytics, you can do more than just non-intrusive attendance management. Video analytics for pandemic management helps you with:

  1. An alert-raising system for limiting the number of people in conference rooms, receptions, and all other office spaces
  2. Instant detection of high temperature to take corrective measures for ensuring the health of the concerned employee and others
  3. Contact tracing system to track the spread of disease and minimize the number of infected people

With the waves of pandemic coming and going, investing in temporary, manual solutions is definitely not the best way to go. Video analytics for pandemic management is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that also gives you insights into your customers’ buying behaviours. With AIVis, our video analytics solution, we can make compliance and COVID health safety easier for you. We quickly deploy AIVis on your existing CCTV system in just two days. Since we deploy it on your existing CCTV infrastructure, AIVis is highly cost-effective and provides an all-comprehensive solution for abiding by government-mandated norms. The automated, AI-enabled video analytics solution for pandemic management helps you ensure safety and focus on your business goals. To know more about it, reach out to us today!

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