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Video Analytics to drive smart logistics chains

July 01, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading

A logistics supply chain includes countless operations across multiple touchpoints that are highly prone to human error. From loading/unloading goods and managing inventory to ensuring successful last-mile delivery - a moment of negligence can disrupt your business and damage your brand reputation. With goods being ordered, shipped, and delivered at a speed higher than ever, you can only have so many partners and staff aligned in your logistics chain. The aim of your logistics business is not just to move products; you also need to optimize your supply chain operations to save costs - wherever possible.


So, what’s the solution? Like many other industries that are relying on technology to drive digital transformation, it’s time that you too, make the wise choice to turn to intelligent tech-driven solutions. AI-powered video analytics for logistics facilities presents an automated, cost-effective solution to optimize your logistics chain by greatly reducing the scope of human intervention. 

What is AI-powered video analytics?

Video analytics is a technology that leverages existing CCTV video networks to derive searchable, actionable, and quantifiable outputs. The solution leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate your all-encompassing logistics supply chain operations in real-time. Read on to learn how it works for your industry and greatly benefits your business.

How does a video analytics solution optimize your logistics chain?

Built on your CCTV camera, the video analytics solution is linked to capture all the relevant video data points from the captured footage. In the next step, AI/ML is leveraged to extract the required information, such as the number of items in stock, the tracking info of the products being loaded/unloaded for delivery, and the number plates of the transport vehicles. Based on this information, it keeps track of your logistics operations with item-specific details and raises instant alerts if it recognizes any anomalies. Let’s identify how video analytics can help you achieve your business goals; here are the top five ways in which you can leverage video analytics in your supply chains.

Top 5 use cases of video analytics for the logistics industry

#1 Customized bay/dock management

Loading/unloading operations are a significant part of your supply chain, and you need to be extremely careful with the nitty-gritty of these processes. Here’s how video analytics in warehouses can help you automate these processes and make them more efficient.

Monitoring loading/unloading: Capture crucial data points like TAT between loading/unloading, activity start and end time, vehicle entry time, etc. to optimize the operations for increasing time efficiency. 

Staff maintenance: Keep track of the number of employees present at the time of loading/unloading for a particular bay/dock to boost productivity in future.

Ensuring the security of products: Get real-time alerts if the security team/supervisor is not present at the bay/dock during the loading/unloading process.

#2 Parcel monitoring to manhandle boxes

As your delivery partners and warehouse employees handle huge supplies of boxes every day, their casual behavior can sometimes lead to mishandling of the boxes and wear and tear of the packaging. This can cause damage to your brand reputation once your customers receive the products in poor condition. Video analytics for logistics facilities ensures that the quality and condition of the boxes stay intact while they are

  • Inside the warehouse

  • Inside the vehicle in transit

  • On the dock/bay during loading/unloading

The video analytics solution raises instant alerts for the supervisor to address the situation if the pre-defined rules of parcel monitoring are violated - in time for the situation to be rectified. Moreover, it also alerts you if any box is opened or the seal is broken during loading/unloading or while moving it within the premises.

#3 AI-enabled on-premises security

Security of your products is of utmost importance to ensure the health of your supply chain and avoid any business loss. Video surveillance in supply chains keeps track of the position of your goods and triggers live alerts in case of:

  • Loitering

  • Unattended object detection

  • Camera tampering

It uses Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to track the transport vehicles at the entry and exit points to avoid any security issues. If they do happen, it raises instant alerts.

#4 Adherence to COVID protocols

The waves of the COVID-19 pandemic keep on hitting the population one after another and pose major health risks for your employees and customers. Moreover, it is crucial to follow the government-mandated COVID guidelines to avoid any hefty fines. You’re in good hands because AI-powered video analytics for logistics facilities automates COVID protocols for you. Here’s what this solution can help you implement: 

Temperature & mask detection: The plug & play model detects the absence of masks and high temperatures of staff and delivery partners with minimal human contact from up to 5m away and immediately triggers warnings and alerts.

Social distancing: The video analytics solution raises alerts if the number of people standing in a group exceeds the specified threshold (as per government-mandated COVID guidelines).

#5 Intrusion detection movement in a restricted area 

A secure warehouse is a necessity for successful logistics operations. You need to secure the area where your goods are stored so as to avoid any business loss and damage. To achieve this, you also need to secure your location’s perimeters and entry and exit points. Video surveillance solution in supply chains records the time and location of intrusion to avoid any unauthorized access to restricted locations on-premises and sends real-time updates via SMS, email, and WhatsApp.

When it comes to choosing the right video analytics solution for your logistics business, you need to ensure that it has a very quick response time and doesn’t add too much to the costs. This is where Spectra’s AiVis solution comes in. AiVis is our intelligent video analytics solution that helps you implement all the major use cases across your supply chain. To automate and digitally transform your supply chain operations with the power of AI, onboard Spectra’s video analytics solution.


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