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Why delivering user experience is more important in today's networking

August 30, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading

What is the primary goal of any business? To acquire new customers, retain the existing ones, and generate a high ROI. Not surprisingly enough, these three goals depend and converge on one thing - keeping the customers happy. The digitization of business operations is not an industry trend anymore, it is a well-accepted development, and businesses like yours are thriving to actualize it.

Why delivering user experience is more important in today's networking

In the digital-native world, customers expect an exceptional user experience. They want your websites to load within two seconds, your order delivered to them within ten minutes, and your POS systems to transact their payments as soon as you swipe their card. Any further than that, you will notice a frown on their faces and distrust in their eyes.

But here’s why you don’t need to worry about it - network solution development is pacing as fast as technological evolutions. With software-defined networks at the helm of networking, you can deliver an exceptional user experience in network systems to meet your customers where they want to be met.

But before we dive into modern networking solutions, let’s explore the ‘why’ behind the need to deliver the best user experience in today’s networking environment.

Why your industry needs to deliver exceptional networking UX 

  • Building a connected retail chain

The retail sector is pacing towards a digitally native business model - taking tech-driven initiatives from AI-based eCommerce stores to automated in-store check-outs. POS systems require high speed and network availability at all times to access and retrieve customer data and enable fast transaction processing. This directly affects the user experience in network systems of both customers and employees. If you have a long queue in your retail store and your network goes down - it leads to dissatisfied customers and frustrated employees.

  • Embracing rapid educational digital transformation

At least 60% of internet users have indulged in online learning. This is because they can comfortably do it from anywhere, at their own pace. 80% of companies and 50% of institutional students have used an e-learning platform. And why wouldn’t they! E-learning takes 40% to 60% lesser time for employees and students than conventional learning. Remote learning is only progressing every day as students and faculties from multiple locations across the globe are embracing digital learning. Even when it comes to local education, the pandemic poses the need for a network that provides exceptional cloud access for study material and lag-free video conferencing for students.

  • Delivering tech-driven, secure finance solutions

Fintech has been at the forefront of the growing finance industry for years now, and people across the world are making digital payments more than ever. Paytm, Gpay, and Paypal, have seen an enormous rise in the number of users. Financial bodies are looking for ways to sustain more traffic every day for a satisfactory user experience on business apps and in-house platforms. The challenge is to ensure a smooth transition to new tech-driven solutions while keeping their critical data secure while also delivering a user experience that proves to be satisfactory.

  • Revolutionizing networks in co-working spaces

Co-working spaces have found a new place in the hearts of small and mid-sized businesses. The number of coworking members is expected to rise to 5.1 million by the end of this year, and the future of coworking is forecasted at a healthy growth rate of 15% over the next five years. 

The corporate sector is witnessing the constant need to support enterprise-grade apps and deliver consistent network bandwidth. If the WiFi bars go low or the bandwidth is compromised at any instance:

  • it hampers video conferencing quality
  • hinders the smooth flow of business calls with clients and employees
  • decreases employee & business productivity
  • Streamlining healthcare operations

There has always been a grave need for consistent network connectivity and availability in the healthcare industry. When it comes to health reasons, every instance poses an urgency that needs to be dealt with instantly. Tech-based healthcare solutions and remote consultation have seen a new sun after the pandemic. There is a grave need for patients and doctors to get a positive end-user experience using constant network monitoring.

So, how do you ensure a reliable networking user experience?

A new age of digital solutions and network transformation calls for networking solutions that are reliable, secure, and user-friendly. To solve these modern networking challenges, software-defined solutions come into play.

Software-defined networking (SDN)

Software-defined networks are the new era of networking solutions, and they deliver high performance and continuous availability for your business-critical applications. With these features, software-defined solutions ensure that the users experience no network issues while using their business apps and platforms:

  • Elimination of traffic backhauling for minimizing network downtime

  • Dual WAN bandwidth support so that the network is always available

  • Centralized, software-defined management for smooth end-user experience in network monitoring

All these benefits converge on delivering an optimal user experience for your customers and employees. We, at Spectra, strive to solve your networking challenges to provide the best user experience to your business teams and clients. 

Our software-defined network SD-WAN, new-age Managed Wi-Fi solution, and dedicated leased line aim to deliver exceptional user experience with their software-driven features and enterprise-grade SLAs. Along with centralized monitoring, they guarantee:

  • High-speed connectivity and network performance

  • Quick access and usability on multi-cloud platforms

  • Simplified adoption of cloud-first and new-age technologies such as AI, automation, analytics

  • Smooth flow of VoIP traffic and lag-free video conferencing

  • Pay-as-you-grow facility to scale your network users and bandwidth

  • Secure access to VPNs, critical data, and in-house applications

  • Instant query resolution with 24*7 network monitoring & management 

The thought of managing modern networking solutions can overwhelm business executives. You’re in good hands because, along with delivering satisfactory user experience in network systems, we also provide end-to-end management of your network. We ensure your network is always available and faces no downtime, maintaining your productivity and customer loyalty. To unlock a supreme user experience across all your business channels for your employees, clients, stakeholders, and students, explore our next-gen networking solutions today.

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