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Why 1 Gbps? or Why do I need such high speed?

On an average today, a household has 4-5 devices connected to the broadband such as TVs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers, home security systems or gaming consoles. All these devices consume bandwidth from the same connection, which means the resulting speed and experience on each device takes a hit. If you have a high-speed connection such as 1 Gbps, multiple devices can deliver great experience simultaneously.

Another great benefit is the symmetric upload speed which other providers can't offer. This means that not only will you be able download files and content at lightning fast speed, but all uploads will also take only seconds.
With Spectra 1 Gbps, you can:

  • Use multiple devices simultaneously without sacrificing speed or compromising on experience on any
  • Stream movies, download videos and upload photos with virtually no buffering or waiting
  • Play games online knowing you have the fastest Internet speed available
  • Work from home with the greatest efficiency and reliability you can get from a home Internet connection
  • Upload heavy files such as photographs, videos and work documents to the cloud in seconds.

All these things can be done simultaneously using just one connection. So why not?

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24th September 2021
Spectra's 1 Gbps connection is really good. I am using it at home and with multiple devices. Speed and Connectivity is never a challenge after we shifted from our previous ISP.