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5 Ways You Can Accelerate Your Network Transformation

February 02, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading

‘Digitization’ has been the trend since business leaders and entrepreneurs could launch their products and services on the internet. Businesses today operate on data; they store it, analyze it, leverage it to drive pivotal leadership moments. They stock products on e-stores, render personalized shopping experiences for their customers - while giving them the option to track their orders in real-time. With the digital revolution, cashless payments are no longer an option for enterprises but rather a necessity if they want smooth check-out processes and a loyal customer base.

5 Ways You Can Accelerate Your Network Transformation

Today’s enterprises are working feverishly to design interactive digital customer and employee experiences. Whether it is through connected devices, new applications, automation technologies, enhanced security controls, or moving to the cloud, every enterprise is embarking on a digital transformation journey of some kind.

However, is your digital transformation successful as soon as you buy a SaaS subscription, run an automation script, or integrate a sales analytics platform? The way to actualize a successful technology adoption roots deeper into your business networks. As your business grows and you adopt new technologies, launch new solutions, and gather an expanded customer base, your business network needs a transformation to adapt to your changing needs and new technological disruptions. 87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry, but only 44% are prepared for it. The key to effectively executing your business strategies is to shift to an adaptive, scalable, and resilient network infrastructure.

Network-as-a-Service to spearhead your digital transformation

As enterprises embark on digital transformation, their need for improved performance, monitoring, and security grows significantly – and, all the while, they also must maintain cost efficiency. Critical business applications that enable digital transformations like SAP and Salesforce require massive amounts of bandwidth. In short, businesses need to transform their network infrastructure to support the new requirements of digital transformation.

Network-as-a-Service - not just a legacy rip-and-replace

Network-as-a-Service is a holistic, unified, and adaptive solution which caters to your business needs today and those coming in the near and far-away future. Network-as-a-Service solutions replace your legacy networks of the early millennium with an umbrella of unified network services as a one-stop offering. These solutions come with a cloud-first approach to virtualize your network, network management, and end-to-end visibility. From deploying your network infrastructure after extensive business site study to managing and monitoring it for security patches and issue resolution - Network-as-a-Service delivers it all. 

As you augment to strengthen your business posture, a Network-as-a-Service solution gives you the time to look after more business-facing tasks, as it handles every networking operation and issue. It helps you augment through advanced technological breakthroughs and disruptions while also keeping a constant tab on your network security.

  • Network transformation to ensure survival of the technologically-fittest 

While artificial intelligence is rapidly pacing to be at the helm of everything-tech, there are three wide, digitized areas that the businesses have already adopted - SaaS, automation, and tech-driven customer support. The reason behind embracing this ongoing digital transformation is not only delivering the best customer experience, but it inclines more towards the competitive edge- the survival of the fittest. Let’s see how network transformation with Network-as-a-Service enables the shift to a new era of cloud-ready, automated, and insight-driven business world.

  • Embracing radical changes for shifting to cloud-based apps

The delivery of cloud-ready technologies, platforms, and applications has enabled databases, storage, analytics, and intelligence to be available on demand. This is why many new disruptive applications are now rolling out as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). You cannot simply tweak or back-engineer your existing infrastructure to embrace these radical changes in your IT suite. If not fixed at the earliest, prolonged unresponsiveness and network downtime can lead to huge losses. You need a cloud-ready, agile, sustainable, and secure network to ensure availability regardless of server or user location to cope with any network issues in real-time while strengthening your end-to-end security posture.

  • Employing automation and analytics to self-drive insights and operations

The growing amount of data, devices, and users are outpacing the IT capabilities, making manual operations nearly impossible. Yet up to 95 percent of network changes are performed manually, resulting in operational costs 2 to 3 times higher than the cost of the network. The future of business operations is a self-driving network, and the path to follow is increased IT automation. You need a network that increases your automating maturity to move from the “manual stage” to the “automated stage”. SD-WAN is one of the Network-as-a-Service solutions which helps you implement automation by aligning your business rules with your network configuration. It enables a greater degree of self-service, reduces management overheads, resolves issues faster, and provides you with increased control and visibility into your network.

  • Delivering tech-driven support to enrich and enhance real-time CX 

Whether you are an e-commerce store, a food delivery service, an educational website, a retail store, or a software company, for supreme customer experience, you need to meet your customers where they want to be met. 90% of customers rate an immediate response as very important for on-call support. The adoption of VoIP calls, cloud-based call centers, automation, omnichannel support, live chat, and advanced sales analytics software is disrupting the customer support industry. They are implemented to provide real-time support and enhance CX by a great margin. However, if your network can’t support these technologies, then adopting them is just going to add to your expenditure. Network-as-a-Service solutions come with real-time, round-the-clock support for your business network to ensure that you cater to your customers as they expect.

  • Leveraging simplified network engagement model at your fingertips

Being a business that needed the critical deliveries to go out yesterday, you cannot afford to go through the hassle of service desks and ticketing systems to resolve a network issue. If you are facing low connectivity issues, more dreadingly, a network downtime, or a security attack - you need it resolved within seconds before it compromises your data or harms customer loyalty. Network-as-a-Service solutions offer you something even better. With enterprise-grade SLAs, constant uptime and network availability, high-speed connectivity, and next-generation firewalls, Network-as-a-Service prevents any network bottlenecks for you.

We, at Spectra, provide you with solutions tailored for your business requirements while considering the directions your digital transformation could drive you through. After understanding your IT suite and its potential advancements, we begin our Network-as-a-Service solution deployment with an extensive site survey. We then deploy intelligent Network-as-a-Service solutions with enterprise-grade SLAs and 99.5% uptime to deliver an uninterrupted network experience for you. This journey is further enriched with 24*7 monitoring and management for any networking bottlenecks and potential security threats. Discover our holistic, cloud-first, and customer-oriented Network-as-a-Service solutions to drive a streamlined and effective network transformation. To know more, reach out to us today!

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