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5 Ways How Network-as-a-Service Boosts Your Retail Operations

May 01, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading

It is predicted that by 2023, 80% of retailers will offer contactless payments and app-based scan-and-pay systems in-store, increasing conversion rates by 40% and customer retention rates by 30%. Moreover, retailers have acknowledged the positive impact that the shift to the cloud has brought to their businesses. They have experienced significant growth in their revenue - both top and bottom line. Here’s a snapshot of how this narrative generated great retail outcomes:

5 Ways How Network-as-a-Service Boosts Your Retail Operations

If you are a modern retailer looking to drive innovation and digital transformation, you would be on a mission to implement contactless retail operations. And it is the need of the retail hour to match the pace of these tech-driven developments in the industry. However, it is equally far-fetched and difficult to deliver these outcomes when your retail network foundation is too weak to support your ventures. When unexpectedly hit by a network outage, 87% of retailers wait up to 4 hours for support, 72% lose sales, and 61% find themselves unable to process credit card transactions. If that is the reality of your retail network landscape, then driving successful digital transformation is no less than a dream for tomorrow. However, with NaaS solutions knocking on the doors of your retail stores, you are in good hands and great luck. 

What is Network-as-a-service (NaaS)?

Network-as-a-Service is a modern-day network solution that caters to all your network needs with its holistic, unified, and adaptive nature. NaaS solutions future-proof your retail business for embracing the upcoming technology and trends as they come. In the attempt to replace the legacy network systems and manage networking for the retail sector - businesses like yours are turning towards NaaS as a one-stop solution. These solutions come with network virtualization, end-to-end network visibility, and seamless network monitoring in the retail sector. From your store’s site study and solution deployment to round-the-clock network management - Network-as-a-Service delivers it all. 

5 Ways how NaaS streamlines retail operations & network management

  • Ensures ample scope for business scalability

One of the biggest problems retailers face with the modernization of retail network systems is that their legacy infrastructure doesn’t allow them to easily scale their business to new locations. Multi-vendor approach and management don’t only add to the costs but also decrease the network visibility and are tough to manage. NaaS provides solutions like SD-WAN and Managed WiFi that enable zero-touch provisioning and centralized management. They eliminate traffic backhauling and give instant access to all stores from one point. NaaS makes it streamlined and simplified for you to embrace and manage your distributed networks.

  • Blurs the lines between physical and digital retail

Digital and network transformation of retail doesn’t mean that eCommerce is going to replace brick and mortar retail stores. Instead, it focuses on combining them both in the most efficient and customer-centric way to blur the lines between physical and digital. This is what NaaS promises to actualize for the modernization of retail network systems. NaaS solutions provide high network availability across all your retail stores to maintain constant uptime of your internal network system, POS systems, and business website. This not only facilitates smooth retail operations in store but also provides a consistent user experience on your customer-facing channels.

  • Enables tech adoption for a future-proof business

According to a study by IBM, the adoption of AI in retail and consumer products industries is expected to leap from 40% of companies currently to more than 80% in three years. 58% of experts say that cloud is very important in “reducing costs of goods and services,” 49% place the same importance on “helping new companies grow” and 48% on “increasing access to retail.” 

Retail businesses are augmenting their tech stack with modern technologies, and legacy network infrastructure cannot drive this digital transformation for retailers. There is an urgent need to shift to a solution that allows you to adopt new technologies today and five years from now when the tech landscape changes. It is because you can’t just rip and replace your network every five years. Virtualization of network with NaaS enables this network evolution; these factors of a software-defined retail network streamlines the transition:

  • High compatibility with video and audio traffic transmission

  • Cloud-first solutions that enable multi-cloud connectivity

  • Elimination of traffic backhauling resulting in high-speed network connectivity 

  • Optimizes your digital supply chain 

Here’s a snapshot of the modern tech solutions for retail supply chains today:

  • POS systems

  • online delivery and order management

  • internet-enabled inventory management on multiple retail devices

  • multi-branch cloud management

You need high-speed connectivity and network performance for a well-oiled digital supply chain. Network outages, low network availability, and data loss can temporarily halt your in-store and online network solutions, leading to dissatisfied customers and damaged brand reputation. NaaS solutions come with proactive network monitoring and management of your retail network to stop such incidents before they hit your business. 

  • Manages your network while you boost your ROI

Your network needs to be managed constantly to avoid any security threats and instances of downtime. Your IT team is almost always overloaded with tickets to ensure smooth business workflows and resolve your employees’ IT issues. You have two options: either you increase their pile of load with your everyday network issues and ask them to constantly monitor your network to avoid any downtime or security issues. Second, you could hire networking and cybersecurity specialists, which will add to costs as experts don’t come easy. NaaS gives you a way out of this expensive and tough choice with its services that constantly manage your network and resolve your queries. 

We, at Spectra, offer you NaaS solutions tailored for your business requirements. We conduct an extensive site survey to consider all the solutions that could satisfy your network needs, including your IT stack and underlying technological solutions. With that information, we proceed to seamlessly deploy our NaaS solutions with that information, but the tale doesn’t end there. We further facilitate this journey to provide 24*7 network monitoring and management of your retail network for any potential while considering the directions your digital transformation could drive you through. 

Our extensive network portfolio includes dedicated and software-defined solutions such as SD-WAN, managed Wi-Fi, and leased lines. Our solutions offer centralized access and monitoring of all your retail store networks from one single point. With our pay-as-you-grow model, you can scale your bandwidth as per your business requirements. Our NaaS solutions enable you to have absolute control over your network and end-to-end visibility through the network dashboard view. As your NaaS providers, we deploy smart solutions for your business so that you can meet your customers where they want to be met. To explore our NaaS solutions portfolio, reach out to us today!


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