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Top 5 ways to optimize your home broadband performance

March 31, 2022 | 5 Minutes Reading

Internet use in homes today is not limited to casual web surfing anymore. From kids to adults, who doesn’t enjoy streaming their favorite show? Late-night binge-watching has become the go-to therapy session for everyone, and online gaming has unlocked a whole another level - that requires continuous streams of high internet bandwidth. Moreover, the wave of “stay home, stay safe” had only been sailed through with a good internet connection - attending classes, working from home, and having quality leisure time streaming OTTs and games.

Top 5 ways to optimize your home broadband performance

According to a report by Accenture, 83% of 9,326 workers surveyed say they prefer a hybrid model - in which they can work remotely at least 25% of the time. As remote working explodes as the future of work, digital learning gains even more momentum, you keep buying all those smart devices, and your movie watchlist gets even longer - you need to control your internet costs too. How? By optimizing your home wifi network.

Ways to improve your home broadband performance

  • Test your home WiFi speed

Whenever you face any speed-related issues, the first thing to do is to check your home broadband speed. Go to speedtest, press ‘go’, and voila! There is your current WiFi speed. Now, see if you’re getting the speed you availed; if not- check what’s wrong. Is your router not updated? Or your device/ software is not updated? If you can’t figure it out, contact your service provider to rectify the issue. It shouldn't be the case that you have availed 200 Mbps home broadband speed and you’re getting any lesser.

  • Upgrade your router to mesh WiFi

Mesh WiFi is the most advanced broadband solution for the most seamless internet connectivity at your home, and yet, quite very simplified to use. If you’re wondering that “my existing WiFi works just fine, why do I need to switch to mesh technology?”, here’s a better and simplified view into mesh WiFi:

Breaking down the mesh-tech for you 

Unlike the standard broadband connections, mesh WiFi provides wall-to-wall network availability. It means that your family members don’t have to complain about unsatisfactory home broadband performance or low speed in any particular rooms or home locations. It provides a seamless roaming experience throughout your home, on all the floors, rooms, balconies, and outside sitting areas. 

Mesh technology forms a strong wireless network by linking multi-located nodes and blankets your home with highly powered WiFi. You can access high bandwidth network streams for video conferencing, file uploading and downloading, OTT streaming, and advanced games from anywhere in your home.

  • Keep your router and devices up to date

Just like your phone’s UI starts acting weird when a software update is due, so is the narrative of your router. Keeping your routers and the connected devices updated is the most basic assurance to keep your home WiFi well-oiled and running. This maintains the compatibility of your devices with your router and gives you a seamless internet experience at home, also delivering a fast home broadband speed. 

Now, you would think how do I update my router? Isn’t there a way around all that technicality? You’d be happy to know that most routers come with an automated mechanism for updates. Just make sure of that while you avail a network solution for your home. 

  • Prioritize your devices to specify dual bandwidth usage

Do you remember your previous discussion with the broadband network engineer when they came to your home to set up your WiFi? Here’s one thing they must have told you- “your WiFi has dual bandwidth; you can use any of them as per your needs.” If you don’t really understand what that means, we can help you with it. If you’re going for mesh WiFi, then you should know that mesh WiFi routers offer dual bandwidth: 2 GHz and 5 GHz; you can specify what band you want to use on particular devices. This will give you the best bandwidth for your most necessary tasks & most-used devices. Let’s say you want to have a higher bandwidth for your office laptop, or your children need higher bandwidth for their zoom classes - then you can prioritize those devices for high home broadband speed.

  • Optimize for security

Although your office must have VPNs and you can even use private networks in your personal systems, hackers have tricky ways to enter your network. However, mesh technology comes with secure in-built security mechanisms to safeguard your data on the network. But feel free to play around with your network settings. 

Many modern wireless routers come pre-setup with a random network name and password. Change these default settings so that you have full control of your network and its security; here’s why and how:

  • Since the network name is visible to all, it would be better if you kept it a little less obvious to guess it is your network.

  • Choose a password that is less likely to be guessed- don’t use your telephone number or spouse’s name as your password; use a longer password - with a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

Binging on trending shows and watching your favorite movies has become the new way of spending quality time with your family at home. Netflix requires a minimum of 5 Mbps internet speed to stream your favorite video content in HD quality. Due to poor home broadband performance, interruption in streaming can be very frustrating; so is the narrative of video lags on your important meetings and online classes. Having a low-speed connection was still fine when all you needed to do was some casual searching. But now, when you need to do more important tasks, the stakes change. 

We, at Spectra, can solve your home broadband problems with Airmesh, our mesh WiFi solution that provides seamless, wall-to-wall connectivity. Our Airmesh solution offers high home broadband speed for all your networking needs; we provide you with:

  • Up to 1 Gbps speed

  • Up to 100 sq. mt. coverage

  • Zero dead spots in your home

  • High-speed multi-device access

  • Seamless Spectra app services 

  • Lag-free connectivity

To experience seamless WiFi connectivity and wide internet at home, reach out to us today.

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